Different Types Of Leather Shoes For Men

Hi, there. Finally, you reached the ultimate list of leather shoes for men. So, here we are presenting today, our awesome collection of different types of leather shoes for men.

Leather Shoes For Men

1.Square Toed Oxford Leather Shoes

This one pair of square toed oxford leather shoes is enough to make your look classic. You can team up it with your formal and casual clothes, too. Well, if you don’t like square toed one than you can also opt for round toed one.


2.Loafers With Stitching Detail

Loafers also can be categorized as a most stylish and popular leather shoes. In history, Northeastern prep schoolers were used to wear this leisure shoes. After that designers made many changes to this simple loafers. You can see here stitching detail on the top of the shoes making them more attractive.

You can team up loafers with┬áJeans and khakis and also with shorts in the summer. Yes, you don’t need to wear socks with it.


3.The Chelsea Leather Boot

Chelsea leather boots are perfect catch for winter season. They are extremely comfortable. It keeps your feet and ankles warm. You can dress up them with dark jeans, sweater and a tweed jacket.


4.Slim Black Leather Shoes

Black may be not one of your favourite but if you want some variety you can try this Slim Black Leather Shoes. It looks polished and elegant. You can pair this shoes with tuxedos, dark jeans, and navy, gray, and black suits, too.


5.Rugged Leather Boot For Men

Going for trip with friends? This one pair is for you. Rugged leather boot look too cool and give schooldude kind of feeling. These shoes are full detailed with laces. You can also see there detailing of side chain.

You can pair it with extremely casual dress like you can wear it with weathered jeans and T-shirts,Henleys and olive cargos. These will be your perfect partner as a go-to weekend boots. (One other tip is kindly do not wear this one pair of Rugged leather boot in your office surrounding.)


Conclusion :

As you know this list can be a never ending list of leather shoes for men but I need to end it here. Now, you must have got some idea for your perfect leather shoes purchase. Let me know which one you bought from your trendy shoes. Not got enough yet? Checkout here brown leather shoes for men.

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