Different Types Of Shoes Sole

Choosing the right type of shoes sole can be a headache when you don’t know about different types of shoe soles. Shoe manufacture selects different soles based on the types of shoe you going to make.

5 types of most common soles for shoes

The shoe sole is for making running, walking, climbing, formal shoes are different. Here we are with such a guide of different types of shoe soles for you. There are 5 types of most common Shoe soles. Want to know more in detail? Let’s get started.

1. Rubber Soles

First Rubber Soles were made in the UK to play the Croquet sport for the elite. Rubber soles in shoes are mostly made of recycled rubber.

These types of soles are much durable because of their great resistance property.

It has also other properties like it is waterproof and bendable, too. Well, there is various type of rubbers, too.

  • Resin Rubber – It has a hard-wearing and waterproof sole.
  • Crepe Rubber – It is a very light and most versatile kind of shoe sole.
  • Gristle Rubber – This kind of soles are robust in quality. Hence, it is used in industries mostly.
  • Polyurethane Sole  – These soles are not slippery. It has great resistance quality. It is also light.

rubber sole shoes

2. Commando Soles

Commando sole is one of the popular types of rubber sole but I would like to describe it as different types of shoe sole because it stands for a whole different category.

It is said that Vitale Bramante invented this style after his six friends died while climbing. Thus, these soles are made for mountain climbing ambiance.

Check out its creation in the below picture.

Commando sole shoes

3. Leather Soles for shoes

Leather soles are one of the popular soles types. It is more comfortable to wear in summer. Many people choose leather soles over rubber soles because of their breathable property.

While wearing in beginning it feels stiff but after some time it feels more comfortable.

If you are a person whose feet sweats then a leather sole is a better choice for you. Leather materials also come in many varieties like genuine leather or Synthetic (Microfiber) leather.

Leather sole shoes

4. Raw Cord Soles for shoes

These types of soles were created during World War II. Yes, you read it right. Raw cord soles have oil resistance properties.

Sources said that soldiers made raw cord soles by melting down old car tires. There were fibrous nylon cords in them to strengthen the walk.

Raw cord sole shoes


5. Cork Soles for Shoes

These are work boot soles having a very low profile. In this type of soul cork’s pieces are mixed in rubber which saves some weight without losing its durable quality.

Cork has a moisture-wicking material that provides odor resistance quality in your shoe sole. Cork has a natural elasticity, too which reduces joins or foot pains.

Hence, many manufacturers and medical companies also supply corks soles to reduces joint pains.

Cork sole shoes

There is not all available type of soles mentioned here but yes we’ve included most common. Well, I will not praise any one type of sole here because people have different choices as per their taste.

Today, there are a lot of designs you can choose from in a range of your trendy shoes. Book your order now.!!

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