Different Types of Shoes

Shoes are a major part of footwear.  Just as we wear different clothes for the different occasion, in the same way, people choose to wear different types of shoes on different occasion and in different activities such as running, dancing, etc.

They reveal the choice, personality, and mood of the people. However, one needs to buy the right footwear for their feet. Different types of shoes are available in the online market as well as local market with numerous variations of the design for all age groups and in different sizes for all genders.

When you are going to purchase your trendy shoes online, always find a reputable website for buying footwear as footwear are the most important part of our attire these days. When you have comfortable footwear, they help you to avoid injuries during your day to day activities and perform better in your activities.

Different Types of Shoes Available in 2019:

In order to know the basic types of footwear that are available in the market, it is important to know the reason for wearing them in common. Generally, people wear footwear for purposes such as proper attire, protection, and support.

  • Women Boots

    Types of Women Boots
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    Boots are broadly categorized as Causal Boots, Formal Boots, Party Boots, Travel Boots and many more.   You can also buy boot such as Ankle boots, Knee length boots, Ugg boots, Men’s boots

    • Ankle Boots: Ankle boots cover the ankle. They go with skinny jeans or trouser.
    • Knee length boots: They are also known as cowboy boots. They look great with funky clothes.
    • Ugg boots: Ugg boots are made up of wool. They can generally be worn in winter as high up on the knee or folded over or above the ankle.
  • Mens boots

    Men’s boots are different, they generally do not cover legs till knee.

    • Reasons to buy Boot Shoes
      • They keep your feet warm.
      • Cover some part of the leg.
    • Boat ShoesMens Boat Suoes

    • Boat shoes are also known as “Deck Shoes”. They are usually worn in wet weather. The most important part of this shoes is its sole.
    • Reasons to buy boat shoes
    • Most good boat shoes are made of leather, and you can treat them with various kinds of leather conditioners and waterproofers.
    • You can wear them for sports as well as casual wear.
  • Loafers Shoes

    loafer canvas casual formal shoes for men

    Loafers shoes are most comfortable among all other types of shoes. The small heels in loafer shoes are usually comfortable in walking as compared to the completely flat shoe.

    • Reason to buy loafer shoes:
      • Most comfortable footwear, your foot can also breathe.
      • Loafers go with jeans, skirts and any causal with a sophisticated look.
    • Sneakers

      Sneakers -YourTrendyShoes

      Sneakers are also known as “plimsolls” when it’s first crafted in the 18th century. The sneaker is usually made of rubber soles and its noiseless compared to other shoes. It usually lasts longer than other shoes because they are made to bear wear and tear.

      • Reason to buy sneaker shoes :
        • You can wear it’s as sports footwear as well as in dancing also.
        • They are fashionable and stylish to wear.


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