Why choose Brown leather Shoes for Men?

When it’s Black vs. Brown, you’ll end-up be choosing Brown Leather Shoes for Men as a go-to hue 98% of the time. They add an extra punch of color and warmth to formal menswear.

Well, we can’t deny the fact that black shoes for men are as sassy as brown but they look great for dressy occasions. (You may count this as an excuse since I love brown more than black! )  😉

Let’s say you’re already having all the varieties in your shoe-rack, which has now turned to be a shoe-wardrobe instead. You’ve stocked the latest sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, boots, and what not? And if you don’t have that masculine brown shade to blend with your formals, do you even have a ‘great’ shoe collection?

Brown Leather Shoes for Men

Brown leather shoes for men can literally make you expect more from men’s footwear.

Many shades of brown can be considered – dark burgundy brown, light caramel brown, cognac or tan brown. (Most probably, the only time when men get color conscious as women when they buy shoes)

Also, you need to get a bit choosy when it comes to shoes. You cannot wear it with any dress. Choosing the right pair matters. But don’t worry, you will never feel disappointed with the color as it has styling variations for you.

Let’s start with some classic pair of brown casual leather shoes for men. These are the pairs you would love to style with formal shirts, blazers, and formal pants.

stylish low heel business brown shoes for men

The above styles can be usually seen in the business dress of men. As you know, there are a certain set of rules apply by default when it comes to choosing formal shoes for men. They are expected to be contrasting with the pants, most probably.

Yes to brown, no to black because…

Black shoes may or may not pair well with any colored pants but brown works pretty well! You can excitingly choose light to dark brown shades.

Brown Party Wear Shoes

Up for a business party or attending a wedding? Pick any suit you love as these styles of brown party wear shoes for men just need to be covering your feet. Elegance lies in the finest details and this is calmly highlighted from the design of these shoes.

Tassel loafers or Lace-up Italian style, which one’s your favorite?

brown party shoes for men

wedding party brown shoes for men

Brown Motorcycle Boots for Men

As we are already chattering upon shoes for men, how can we overlook the biker style? Brown color, genuine leather and motorcycle weather are a perfect combination. The most needed feature of a motorcycle boot is its macho look. A low-heel, buckle style, and a brand-patch will make you enjoy riding comfortably.

So you need to have this style!

ankle length brown shoes for men

Street Style Brown Shoes

You will not accept any excuses if you are a die-hard fan of brown shoes actually. When you are in a mood to take a walk along the streets or are out for a date, this style is fabulous. Wear these sneakers with any color jeans for a weekend getaway and chill out man!

brown sneaker shoes for men

Rough and Touch Brown Shoes

What if you get in a mood to take your jeep for an adventure? Brown never disappoints (like I always write). It is not necessary to wear ankle-length all the time, you can try these breathable pairs.

rough and tough brown shoes for men

My list will be never-ending when I pen down brown shoes, so let this be enough for the day!


Meanwhile, if you want to check some hottest white shoes style for men (my second favorite), you may proceed.

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